About StoryPulse

StoryPulse is an EASY customer engagement tool for your CRM. It helps sales people easily engage with customers to virtually deliver content and surveys and effortlessly gather customer data points for analytics and segmentation strategies.



Visual Surveys

Provides ability to collect feedback from intuitive visual diagram in addition to traditional text based Surveys.
Engagement through visual diagrams transforms the information collection process from a cumbersome task into an intuitive selection process based on common visual models and pre-scripted question and answers.


Pre-built CRM and Content Management Integration

Avoid lengthy deployments which hinge on integration strategies. StoryPulse is shipped with pre-built integration to common CRM and content management systems. Pre-integration allows customers to shift their energy and resources towards field force enablement and content excellence.


Offline | Online

Avoid connectivity struggle with full online and offline functionality. Fields forces can seamlessly capture important customer information and demonstrate engaging content without having to also manage connectively issues.When users are out-of-range, or without connection, they can continue to leverage the full functionality of StoryPulse then synchronize back to their CRM system at a later time which is convenient for them.


Contact and Account Level Surveys

One size doesn’t have to fit all customers! Surveys can be designed and distributed for contact or account groups. This unique ability to customize design and distribution ultimately helps better understand customers and design sophisticated segmentation strategies.


Content for Internal Training

Not just for customers! Leverage StoryPulse’s content delivery and tracking capabilities to drive internal education programs. Education programs can be quickly distributed and completed by your field forces while providing education departments transparency into education effectiveness.


Content for Electronic Detailing

Digital assets and libraries can be easily distributed to field forces to leverage during customer interactions. Content can be tracked both subjectively and objectively with results quickly synchronized back for marketing analysis and modifications.



Pre-built analytics speeds time to value.Leverage common metrics and dimensions to evaluate performance and understand results your CRM system's analytics engine, or a separate business intelligence platform.



Cost Effective


Easy to Learn


Minimal Integration Risks


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We are live in multiple countries across the globe. It is a great pleasure to see our end users gather feedback in situations when there is no internet availability.

January 2016

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Live in India.

October 2015

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Live in Latin America

February 2014

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