Engage Your Audience With Interactive Questions

Live Poll

Ask Questions

Publish multiple question types to your audience.

Capture Responses

Audience can fire up a browser and answer the questions.

See Results

Share the results real time with the audience and weave the responses into your story.

Customize your audience interaction

Multiple Choice

The most popular question type lets the audience choose one or more options that you provide - it's both easy and effective.

Image Choice

Visualize your questions and let your audience vote on images to interact in a new way.


Energize the audience with a fun and learning-intense competition using Quiz.


Let the audience rate statements on a scale; a quick way of getting useful data and analysis of trends and progress.

Open Ended

The Open Ended question-type lets the audience freely type in their answer and is perfect for capturing audience insights.

Questions from Audience

New! Give your audience a voice and let their questions be heard with Live-poll Q&A tool. Use Moderation to have full control over your presentation.


Determine which items are the most important through rating.